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3 Tips to Get Picky Seniors to Eat

Steps to Get Picky Seniors to Eat

Loss of appetite is common among seniors for a number of reasons. Basic care like eating enough and drinking water are essential for optimal health for your loved ones. Here’s our top three tips to get even the pickiest of eaters to munch on something nutritious:

  1. Set and follow an eating schedule.

    Routines are important for seniors, they limit confusion and provide structure while allowing seniors to practice independence. With a daily eating routine, seniors will know when to be ready to eat, keep them motivated, and promote a sense of purpose. With the help of our caregivers here in Tennessee, we make sure your loved ones eat nutritious meals on time, every day. It’s not only important to create a schedule, but stick to it.

  2. Serve smaller food portions.

    While a big buffet may have been appetizing in your earlier years, big portions can overwhelm adults later in adulthood. Try swapping big portion sizes for smaller food portions and preparing food to be eaten with ease. Dice fruit into cube-sized bites, slice meat finely, and cut sandwiches into smaller pieces! Once your loved one is done eating, you can always ask if they’re still hungry for seconds––they may have a craving for something sweet! If you need help, our caregivers have expertise feeding seniors. Get in touch today.

  3. Take note of their favorite foods.

    Pay attention to what and when your loved one prefers eating. Are they rarely eating the meatloaf but finish the lasagna instantly? For some reason are they eating less on Wednesday mornings, but more on Friday nights? Take mental note of what foods they rarely eat, what foods they enjoy eating, and when they eat more or less to customize their meals in the future. Seniors in our care reduce their risk of malnutrition and remain healthy every day, it’s our promise.

Looking for senior assistance in Nashville, Tennessee? With our high-quality home care services, Christ Home Care offers a number of services to improve the overall health and independence of seniors. We’re here to help your senior age well into their golden years. For more information, visit our website or call us at (615) 757 7757 today.

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