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Cutting Salt, Sugar, and Fats in Seniors’ Meals


Everyone likes to eat. For those who love salt, there’s nothing like a juicy steak from Bourbon Steak, a medium-rare burger from BurgerUp, or a crispy slice of pizza dripping in cheese from Mafioza’s. If you’ve got a giant sweet tooth, a warm chocolate chip cookie sandwich with salted caramel ice cream from the Baked Bear, a Brambleberry Crisp scoop in a waffle cone from Jenny’s, or a fresh Goo Goo Cluster might be what you crave. These incredibly decadent meals and desserts are staples to Nashville dining, but they’re best enjoyed in moderation. Eating these foods every day at every meal deprives your body of getting nutrients from fresh fruits and vegetables it needs to operate at it’s best.

The American diet is filled with excess fat, salt, and sugar (which makes it taste so good!) but can be detrimental to our health. If your diet is high in fat, salt, and/or sugar, it can lead to the following conditions in the elderly:

These are just a few examples, but there’s plenty of other complications that come from eating unhealthily into late adulthood. If your loved one has one of these conditions or is at risk to develop one of these conditions, it may be time to look into senior care in Tennessee.

Foods packed with flavor don’t have to come from fat, salt, or sugar. It’s all about changing our tastebuds. Your loved one will feel better if they have more energy from fresh foods in Nashville, Tennessee. Rather than picking up your favorite processed savory or sweet fast food, think about making healthier choices to better your health in the long run. For seniors receiving home care in Nashville, Tennessee, diet is an important ingredient to living a full, long life.

Not sure how to help your loved one better their diet? That’s where we come in. Our caregivers in Tennessee are trained to help seniors cut fat, sodium, and sugar in their diet by making healthy swaps in daily meals.

Here’s a few tips from our caregivers in Tennessee on how to make healthier choices:

  • Find sugar and salt alternatives. Swap sugar with natural sweeteners like honey or salt with other spices to add flavor.
  • Choose your oils carefully. Opt for extra virgin olive oil instead of canola or vegetable oil––it’s rich in healthy fats rather than saturated ones.
  • Make protein swaps. Instead of pork fat, try serving fish belly, rich in Omega-3s. Tofu and mushrooms are also surprisingly great plant-based substitutes for meats.
  • Snack smart. Serve fruits as snacks instead of chips and cookies.
  • Make a grocery list. Add all these healthy options to your grocery list during your weekly meal planning and preparation in Belle Meade, TN or Nashville, TN.

Eating more whole foods, fresh fruit and vegetables, is the best for our loved ones. If these tips weren’t enough and you’d like to explore the possibility of hiring passionate care in Davidson County, get in touch today with Christ Home Care. For more information about our services, give us a call at 615-757-7757 or visit our website to learn more about Christ Home Care.

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