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How to Get Your Alzheimer’s Patient to Eat

How to Get Your Alzheimer’s Patient to Eat

One of the most important tasks your Caregiver in Tennessee has when it comes to caring for your loved one in the late stages of dementia is monitoring their food intake.

As elderly people become less active, they require less food. However, someone in the late stages of Alzheimer’s may completely lose their appetite or simply forget to eat at all. This makes it difficult for your loved one to get the nutrients their body needs to stay strong.

Christ Home Care knows the struggle. We’d like to share some tips to help you keep your senior well-nourished:

  • Have a meal plan.

    It’s easier to prepare food when you know what to make. Seniors with late-stage Alzheimer’s often have specific dietary needs, so you may need help. Investing in a caregiver to help with your Meal Planning and Preparation in Belle Meade, TN will save you a lot of stress.

  • Choose soft food.

    Swallowing can be a problem for seniors. Make it easier and safer by choosing softer food. You can also thicken liquids like juice, water, and milk by adding cornstarch or unflavored gelatin.

  • Help them out.

    Remind your loved one to chew or swallow before taking another bite. Alternate small bites with fluids to keep them hydrated. And if you need help feeding your loved one, Senior Care in Tennessee is ready to assist you.

Providing nutrition for a loved one in the late stages of Alzheimer’s can be a challenge. There may even be days when they simply refuse to cooperate. The best you can do is be patient.

Need a hand? Reach out for Home Care in Nashville, Tennessee. We’ll gladly help with your caregiving responsibilities.

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