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Respect the Privacy of the Elderly


For some seniors, caregivers can become like family. Spending each day together, going on walks, eating meals together, and talking to each other daily can develop strong bonds. To all the caregivers in Tennessee, we have a message for you from our well-trained staff.

It’s a beautiful thing that some seniors will consider you family, and trust you with almost anything. If you are lucky enough to develop such a strong relationship with the senior you’re caring for, it’s important to set boundaries. Drawing a line between yourself as the caregiver and the senior, as a patient is important. Despite you potentially being close to them, respect and privacy should always be at the top of our list of priorities as caregivers practicing passionate care in Goodlettsville, TN.

Here are some helpful tips to help your senior age in their homes with dignity:

  • Bathe seniors appropriately. To our staff providing home care in Nashville, Tennessee, we advise to only uncover the parts you are washing. Show courtesy always and ask if you can take care of other sensitive areas of their bodies or if they prefer to do it by themselves.
  • Practice confidentiality. Some patients receiving senior care in Tennessee may ask for assistance in reading highly sensitive documents such as financial statements and bank details. Help them as always, but never disclose this information to anyone else or take advantage of their financial situation. Others may ask to create social media, online banking, and other accounts for their convenience. If you need to write down the passwords, place the copy in a safe place where only you and the senior have access.
  • Don’t disclose information to anyone. Whether it’s medical, personal, financial or other types of information, it’s essential to keep the trusted information to yourself. If any information is ever disclosed to an unapproved party, you could face dismissal from the senior or in the worst cases, legal action. Sharing a patient’s details can pose a threat to them, their properties, and overall well being.

Remember, above all, while these seniors are older and may not be as sharp as they once were in their younger years, they’re trusting you in their homes to be a member of their family. Don’t betray their trust.

At Christ Home Care, we believe that confidentiality is a crucial part of providing the best care. If you entrust your senior loved ones in our care, we guarantee professional, compassionate care. If you’re in need of any services or are looking to join our team of caregivers, give us a call at (615) 757-7757 or visit our website to learn more.

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