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The Best Ways to Support a Loved One with Dementia

The Best Ways to Support a Loved One with Dementia

It is important to stay connected to your loved one living with dementia, especially during this pandemic. Supporting them makes a positive difference in helping them overcome isolation and loneliness. Here are some creative tips to help you sustain a meaningful bond with them:

  • Initiate Social Interaction

    Connecting with others, whether in person or through video calls, promotes better wellness for patients living with dementia. According to a BMC Geriatrics study, letters and phone calls are effective tools in building connection. Caregivers who provide passionate care in Davidson County can help set up virtual visits with friends and family.

  • Use Music to Engage

    Familiar music helps dementia patients reconnect with fond memories. It also improves their mood, mental processing, communication, and quality of life. Create a playlist for your loved one or enlist a caregiver in Tennessee who can assist in making daily music something your loved one can easily access.

  • Encourage Physical Activities

    Regular exercise improves appetite, energy levels, and sleep! Encourage them to join in with their neighborhood’s activity schedule, or simply walk with them for 15-30 minutes a day. If your loved one has limited mobility, a caregiver who provides senior care in Tennessee can offer the proper guidance to help them exercise safely.

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