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Ways to Avoid Senior Dehydration in the Cold Months

Ways to Avoid Senior Dehydration in the Cold Months

Dehydration and winter don’t seem to go together. After all, when we think of dehydration, we always think about the summer. However, it is indeed possible to get dehydrated in winter, especially for seniors not receiving senior care in Tennessee. In fact, winter dehydration is a more likely occurrence than summer dehydration.

How so?

Well, during the summer, we are constantly reminded to drink and hydrate ourselves because we sweat and feel parched. But in winter, this isn’t the case. Because we don’t visibly sweat, we don’t think much about hydrating ourselves. For seniors whose bodies cannot conserve water well and cannot adapt to fluctuating temperatures, this is an even bigger problem.

But there’s good news. You can prevent senior dehydration by following these tips.

  • Place water and beverages in visible areas.
  • Remind them to take sips of water throughout the day.
  • Add soups and food with high water content to their meals.
  • Try water enhances or other beverages to encourage drinking.
  • Get home care services in Williamson County.

Having a professional caregiver in Tennessee to support your loved one can greatly diminish their chances of getting dehydrated. They can not only remind your loved one to drink more, but they can even encourage seniors to be healthier.

If you’re looking for quality home care in Nashville, Tennessee, call Christ Home Care today.

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